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A wife relays the turmoil she felt placing her husband in a nursing home.

Josephine Brewer tells how she felt she let her husband down placing him in a nursing home.  But, it was something she had to do.  We helped her through their crisis.

Ms. Downs stresses the importance of finding a good elder law attorney

Amy Downs advises hiring a good elder law attorney as soon as possible when the elder care crisis hits.

Mr. Miller discusses the importance of finding an elder law attorney

Rich Miller found that we were the right choice for him and his parents when they needed an elder law attorney.

Mrs. White shares the difficult decision she had to place her husband in a nursing home

A wife's difficult decision to place husband in nursing home

Eloise White tells the story of placing her husband in a nursing home.

A son tells of life situations that force a nursing home choice on a family

Jim Wallen talks about the difficult life situations that suddenly force the nursing home decision on a family.