City of Novi, Program June 28 20107 at 6:30 p.m.

“Long Term Care.” Too many people think that it means “the nursing home.”  When they talk about it they talk about “Have you saved enough?” or “Do you have long term care insurance?”  Those items are part of long term care, but only a part.

Long term care is part of the aging journey. Long term care begins when we need a bit of help in home and goes all the way to 24 hour round the clock care. Our program addresses the entire journey from needing help with things like paying bills and managing medical care all the way to nursing home issues.

Have your prepared for long term care? Would you like to know what you need to do? We have an educational program for you. If you are an elder who wants to stay in control and protect your family, or if you are a child of aging parents, this program is for you.

Our elder law min-course gives you practical “use it now” information.  It covers:

    • avoiding lifetime probate (guardian and conservator) and probate after death;
    • maximizing Medicare benefits;
    • getting veterans benefits;
    • getting Medicaid to pay the nursing home without going broke.

The program covers

  • powers of attorney;
  • ladybird deeds;
  • wills and living trusts;
  • irrevocable asset protection trusts.

We also cover common, easy to make serious mistakes, whether it’s managing daily affairs or applying for Veterans or Medicaid benefits.

In short, attendees will learn what to do before its too late, because when it is too late then your only recourse is lifetime probate.

Want to get more information or to register? Call us at 248-356-3500.

Jim Schuster, Certified Elder Law Attorney