What should you look for when choosing a nursing home?

When you are looking for a nursing home there are two major considerations: First, what is the quality of care? And, Second, is there a good nursing home in a convenient location? We have made your search much easier. With our map you can get important information on nursing homes in your vicinity.

The “balloons” and “stars” on the map show where the nursing homes are. When you click on one a box will pop up. You can then quickly review their ratings. These come directly from Medicare. The numbers range from 1 to 5. 1 is the lowest, and very unsatisfactory, and 5 is the best. 3 is about average.  The colors will help guide you: “Overall Ratings” are shown as:

  • Red (alarm!)  = 1;
  • Orange = 2;
  • Green = 3;
  • Blue = 4;
  • Yellow (gold) = 5 and is a star.

Consider these rating numbers as a guide only.  They are a good guide but you make your best decision by visiting the nursing home and doing your own investigation.

I suggest as a practical guide – not as a legal judgment – that you first choose a nursing home that you can visit on 10 minutes notice. That way you can run over there “at the drop of a hat.” Good care requires constant monitoring. Daily visitation by a family member is almost mandatory. Your family member will not get good care if you visit only on the weekends. That is why being close is important. You want to be able to make a quick “pop in” visit to check up. You want to be able to get there immediately in case something bad happens. Remember even the best of nursing homes require oversight. There is no “set and forget.”

Always choose “the best” nursing home?  Maybe not

Allow me to use a hypothetical. Suppose you live in Rochester Hills, your brother lives in Plymouth and a sister lives in Royal Oak. Now the Lake Orion Nursing Center is a top rated facility but it would be very difficult for your brother or sister to get to. In the same way the Star Manor of Northville is top rated and would be convenient for your brother to get to, but is not for anybody else. You might try to find a nursing home that would be convenient for two of you. Marycrest Manor in Livonia may be doable for your brother and sister. Or, you might look at Woodward Hills in Bloomfield Hills, while not top rated and it has few Medicaid certified beds, it might be doable for you and your sister.

Handy FREE booklet –  the Patient Advocate’s Guide

Would you like an in-hand paper guide to the nursing homes and getting good care? Call us for a copy of our “Patient Advocate’s Guide” to good care in a nursing home booklet.

We hope you find this map useful in your search. Give us a call or drop a line if you have any suggestions for improvement of this service.

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