Money Back Guarantee

You can have no risk when you hire Jim to handle your Medicaid application. You will save time and money – just when you need it! Hire Jim and his experienced staff and take advantage of our 20 years of experience.
If Medicaid denies your application, you don’t pay.

That’s right. For a small extra fee, you can have a money back guarantee. That means if you hire us to handle the application, choose to pay the money back guarantee and Medicaid denies the application, you don’t pay. What about the unpaid bill? Well, we know you would rather have a $40,000 bill paid than get our fee back, so we go above and beyond to be sure it gets through.

So you have no reason to not hire us, the money will be spent one way or another. But why should you hire us and save that time and worry? Just how hard is this Medicaid?

  • Medicaid takes months to get. From our experience, it can take two to three months to get all the documentation Medicaid requires just to file an application. Then it takes Medicaid six months or longer to process. That’s right, the nursing home will be on your back for half a year or longer.
  • Medicaid can and does deny an application because of a technicality. If you handled the application and were denied because you did not turn in some required piece of paper, then you would have a staggering nursing home bill. You may have to sell the home to pay the bill. Why not take that risk off your shoulders and put it on us? That is a no lose proposition, right?

Here’s an example. In Wayne County a fellow tried to handle Medicaid for his father. They had spent down virtually every dollar Dad had. They put in the application in July. It was denied in October. The reason: lack of documentation. They tried to work it out and the office refused to change the decision.

They hired an attorney in November – the bills were mounting from July. He filed an appeal and a new application that would cover back to August. July would be lost if the appeal were not successful. In March the appeal office lost the paperwork and the attorney had to argue that the appeal was filed within the 90 day time limit. They agreed and a hearing was held in June, almost a year after the application was filed. In August the administrative judge denied the appeal and ruled in favor of the Medicaid department. They appealed to circuit court and in November, almost a year and a half after the application was filed the circuit court judge denied the appeal. The department was right – it did not have all the documentation to process the application. What was the missing documentation? The July bank statement.

We know you do not have time to be sitting around the Medicaid office. You need to take care of your family member in the nursing home. You need to take of your family, your job, and yourself. You have a hundred other things that must be done. Hire Jim and save Time and Money. How? Consider these reasons:

Most, not all, nursing homes misinform patient advocates that they must spend all the money at the nursing home. That is false. Medicaid rules allow the patient representative to purchase items for the patient and family, within strict guidelines of course. The truth is that we can save from 75% to almost all the money. Yes, if the resident has $100,000 we often save over $80,000 for the resident and family. If there is a spouse almost everything can be saved!

Many nursing homes say that after all the money is spent they will help with the application. But, what if they make a mistake? It does happen. Medicaid is denied, the bill is unpaid and the resident is on the hook to pay the nursing home – even though it was their mistake!
So, there you have it. Hire us, choose the money back guarantee, we do all the heavy lifting with Medicaid and you save the money! Does it get any better than that?