What are the Michigan Medicaid Eligibility (or Qualification) Guidelines?

How do I get Medicaid to pay the nursing home? There are six requirements you must meet. Unlike Medicare, you must apply for benefits. The application must show that the applicant:

1 is 65 and over or disabled or blind;
2. Is in Long Term Care;
3. Is in a Medicaid certified bed;
4 needs nursing home level of care;
5. is asset eligible in not having more than $2,000 in countable – not exempt or excluded – assets
There are two main asset categories:
Excluded: this includes the home within limits, vehicle used for transportation, funeral plan, and cash value in life, policy face not exceeding $1,500.
Countable: these are assets that can produce cash and which must be spent down to $2,000. Note there are special rules for spouses that we cover on our page on spousal rights..
6. The applicant must successfully complete the application process.

Those are the eligibility guidelines. A person may be eligible but Medicaid may still not pay if the applicant gave away assets during the five year look back. That is a subject for we cover on another page.

Jim Schuster