Great Time at AAA 1B Caregiver Expo 2017

We had a Great! time at the 2017 Caregiver Expo.  Great to see “old” friends in the aging network and Great! to meet so many new people.  For the 11th year now I have had the premiere speaking  time at 12:30. ( I like to think of it as The Main Event!  :p )  We had so many people interested in the presentation, the room was full and they had to be turned away at the door.  🙁

That reflects the genius of the AAA 1B Expo.  Jenny Jarvis, Kathleen Yannik and crew provide a program of information you can’t get anywhere else.  Many times attendees say “I didn’t know this service even existed!” (Referring to the offering of the many, many exhibitors.)

In my part I tried to offer attendees a down-to-earth education on options and plans that made sense and would not “blow up” due to a change in law or simply mistaken advice.  So I thank the many attendees who said it was the best program they attended.

If you are an elder or a caregiver for an elder there is much you need to know, and know this, the AAA 1B is an excellent (FREE) source of information.

All the best,