Michigan Medicaid Guides

Welcome to our Medicaid Guides. We hope you will find these helpful to navigate through Medicaid’s confounding and illogical rules. Here you will find
• Application guide to a good and complete Medicaid application
• Guide for the married applicant
• Guide for the single applicant
• Medicaid Spend down guide
• And, our entertaining 20 Medicaid Myths

Please note that these guides are published as general information and are not official Michigan Department of Human Services Medicaid program pronouncements. Those can change at any time and there is no guarantee that each worker will apply the rules correctly. With the State of Michigan not fully staffing departments we find that many workers make mistakes due to overwork or inadequate training.

You are strongly advised to have any application you submit to be completed or at least reviewed by an experienced elder law attorney. The funds you pay an attorney are part of spend down.

I, Jim Schuster, would be remiss if I did not say that my clients save money when they hire me. In other words like the tax code there are little known deductions, credits and allowances that can save you thousands of dollars.

Michigan Medicaid Estate Recovery Began July 1, 2011

The Snyder Administration began enforcing Medicaid estate recovery (government takes homes) July 1, 2011. After a Medicaid recipient dies, the Department of Community Health sends out notices to recipient’s representative about its claim for pay back. It applies to those who received benefits after July 1, 2010. By law the state’s claim is recognized only in probate. Avoid probate – avoid Medicaid estate recovery. That does not mean that the Governor and the Legislature could not change the law. Of course they could. Here

Nursing Home Medicaid Application Guide

Much is at stake with a Medicaid application. The average monthly cost of care is over $7,800 per month. You had better get the applications right the first time or face certain denial and thousands of dollars of nursing home bills. What makes the application so risky?  See how to make a successful application, here

Medicaid Application – Money Back Guarantee

You can have no risk when you hire Jim to handle your Medicaid application. You will save time and money – just when you need it! – because “More Here

Medicaid Guide for a Married Nursing Home Resident

The spouse of the nursing home resident, the “community spouse,” is given special protection under the Medicaid law. He or she can literally save all assets and all income under the spousal protection options. This guide is a brief overview of these powerful provisions. “More Here

Medicaid Guide for the Single Nursing Home Resident

The single nursing home resident has money saving options that few people know about. It is true that Medicaid will not pay the nursing home bill unless the resident has $2,000 or less. But, how you spend down is the key. We can save 80 to 100% using state of the art “More Here

20 Medicaid Myths

Here’s a collection of commonly believed propositions that are false. And, in this case being false turns out to be good for you. See how many you know. “Click Here

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