• Get your FREE copy of the "Alzheimer's Answer Book." It is written by five Detroit area professionals including doctor (Bruce Sack), nurse (Diane Hischke) and lawyer (Jim Schuster). This book offers you professional insight into dealing with this traumatic disease. Order your digital or print copy now. Let us know which you want. It's FREE.
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Medicaid Application?
Hire Us to do it.

Why should you hire us to do your nursing home Medicaid application? I have a blog entry that gives you five reasons why you will want to have us do your application. In a nutshell the main reasons are: 1. time, and 2) money. We don’t cost you, we Save you time and money. Read all about it here.

Most People’s “Estate Planning” Documents Inadequate

We had a very well attended and successful program on Alzheimer’s Disease last year (and we will do it again after the Holidays). There was one sober lesson I wanted to share with you. I offered to review any attendee’s “estate planning” documents from the point of elder law, not “death and taxes.” Quite a few took me up on the offer. I focused on their trusts and powers of attorney. In every case the documents did not grant some authority to take care of all matters of the client. With only one exception, I had the following report:

They were all inadequate.

What did that mean? That failing could force anybody into life-long probate – guardian or conservator. And that means that the probate court is in charge of every facet of your life. Where you will live, what medical treatment you will receive is all under the control of the guardian. All your finances will be in the public record. The conservator will file and inventory of your property and will file an account every year. The account will detail every dollar that you got and every expenditure that was made on you. Attorneys fees for the public hearings may run into the thousands of dollars.

All of that is easily avoidable.

All you have to do is have your legal documents tailored to fit your needs. You can be in control even when you must rely upon others to help you. So if you are at all concerned about aging and your long term care needs, just give us a call and let’s get your protection started!

Medicaid Estate Recovery

Going in a nursing home? The government wants your house. The Snyder Administration started enforcing Medicaid estate recovery July 1, 2011. Many families of Medicaid recipients who passed away have received confusing demand letters from the state. Read all about it and how to avoid the government grab in our Medicaid Guides. Here

Who do we help? Can we help YOU?

We help Elders stay independent and in control. We help Children of Aging Parents with the advice and legal documents they need to carry out their parents’ wishes and take care of their needs. We help child or relative Caregivers navigate the legal maze and legal problems including prosecution for vulnerable adult abuse. We help families to get a good nursing home, apply for Medicaid for long term care and keep a lifetime of savings. Look around our website and you will find a wealth of useful information. We will be pleased to help you out. Just call for an appointment.

Medicaid Application – Money Back Guarantee

You can have no risk when you hire Jim to handle your Medicaid application. You will save time and money – just when you need it! – because “More Here

Medicaid for a Married Nursing Home Resident

We help you save everything. You save your home, your life savings – everything. How? We use the powerful and legal asset protection strategy known as the “More Here

Medicaid for the Single Nursing Home Resident

It is true. Medicaid will not pay the nursing home bill unless the resident has $2,000 or less. Does that mean you must lose everything? No, we can save 80 to 100% using state of the art “More Here

Aging Parents – They Need Help and So Do You

See our Aging Parents Tip Sheet filled with information to make you an empowered advocate and help you avoid expensive mistakes.More Here

Elders: Stay in Control

Art Linkletter said it: “Aging is not for sissies.” You’ve got challenges, but one of the worst is that people want to treat you like a child. Your powers of attorney and trusts will help you stay in control even if you are incapacitated. Here’s more information on how to do it:

Be sure to check Jim Schuster’s speaking schedule and how to request Jim Schuster to speak to your group.

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