We offer consultation and representation on matters relating to nursing home selection and Medicaid application.

Looking for a Good Nursing Home? Use Our Map of Nursing Homes in Wayne, Oakland and Macomb Counties

Looking for a nursing home? This is something you will really appreciate.  Check out our newest service: a handy map of nursing homes in the Metro-Detroit area, with Medicare ratings!  Click here for map.

Medicaid Application? Hire Us to do it.

Why should you hire us to do your nursing home Medicaid application? I have a blog entry that gives you five reasons why you will want to have us do your application. In a nutshell the main reasons are: 1. time, and 2) money, 3) peace of mind. We don’t cost you, we Save you time and money. Read all about it here.

Medicaid Estate Recovery

Going in a nursing home? The government wants your house. The Snyder Administration started enforcing Medicaid estate recovery July 1, 2011. Many families of Medicaid recipients who passed away have received confusing demand letters from the state. Read all about it and how to avoid the government grab in our Medicaid Guides. Here

Medicaid Application – Money Back Guarantee

You can have no risk when you hire Jim to handle your Medicaid application. You will save time and money – just when you need it! – because “More Here

Medicaid for a Married Nursing Home Resident

We help you save everything. You save your home, your life savings – everything. How? We use the powerful and legal asset protection strategy known as the “More Here

Medicaid for the Single Nursing Home Resident

It is true. Medicaid will not pay the nursing home bill unless the resident has $2,000 or less. Does that mean you must lose everything? No, we can save 80 to 100% using state of the art “More Here

Want more information about Medicaid? Asset Protection?  Check our Michigan Medicaid Guides

If you are looking for solid, factual information check out these Medicaid guides:
• Application guide to a good and complete Medicaid application
• Guide for the married applicant
• Guide for the single applicant
• Medicaid Spend down guide
• And, our entertaining 20 Medicaid Myths

Go here for our Medicaid Guides.